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Originally Posted by kebbles View Post

Thursday Update:
*First Post
-Pokedex has been updated
-Aswell as the Special Event
-Progress Report

-I was only going to show the screen with N, but I've been working on Pinewood Forest and wanted to show everyone the tree.

-Things are running smoothly, I need an Pokemon Icon inserter if anyone wants to help out? I just completed Route One and I've started scripting Morwell but I've still got to do inside the Gym, Pinewood Forest and the Special Event. But yeah like I said things are running smoothly, hope you enjoy the update.

updates are looking good man. I have a question though, for N battling sprite *if u could fight him* is he going to have a brown cap *like the ow sprites* or is it going to be black? I guess it really doesnt matter as long as the story is good lol.
btw sweet progress man. The special event is great *good thing im on almost everyday so im going 2 grab tht 1 :D*

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