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Christian Calaway- Atlantean Mansion, Boston England.

“It’s okay. It’s fine. We’re all a little unhinged, aren’t we?” Oakley replied with a nervous chuckle. Clearly, Oakley was feigning happiness. It seemed to bring up bad memories for her, which of course was not Christian's intent. A simple apology was his only wish. He immediately tried to think of ways to make up for it, and when about eating hoping an epiphany would strike him. Of course, nothing did. Christian took a few bites of his food, not really tasting it. He looked over to Antonia who smiled. Christian smiled back, failing to gather any words to speak.

"Yeah, unhinged. That is a fair way to put it," Christian finally said after she finished her exchange with the other person at the table, who rubbed Christian the wrong way. That might be a nice way to put it. He couldn't put his finger on why Christian fail to come up with any terms of endearment to describe the man in. Perhaps it was the fact he asked too many questions. Or maybe it was his tone. Voice perhaps? Didn't really matter right now. He could easily pretend to like him for the sake of avoiding any confrontation. If he was Oakley's friend, it would probably be a better idea than fighting him. Though, if they had anything resembling a friendship it was a weak one from his perspective.

Christian was not particularly good at comforting people. In that regard, it was not much better than the man he was complaining about. But in Christian's opinion, she needed a bit of "pick me up" and he was willing to give it a try. A pep talk? No, maybe not that. Recalling the whole situation at the center was rather easy and images of Oakley being almost tormented by her ability was haunting in a manner of speaking. Asking her about her training would either be a great idea as she may have made strides in a day of training! Christian certainly did. But, there was also the plausibility that she didn't. Not everyone was a guaranteed over night sensation like a pop singer who composed a hit single. Perhaps avoiding training would be a good idea. He and Antonia didn't really talk about other than a brief summary on her part. So who said they needed to discuss that?

“I’m sorry, what was your name?” Oakley directed to Antonia.

Antonia immediately swallowed the bite of food she had in her mouth. "Hi, I'm Antonia. Your name is Oakley, I take it. Nice to meet you," she replied with a genuine smile. "I was on the helicopter with you guys. I'm not sure if you remember though."

"I'm sure she does," Christian said, lightly rubbing Oakley's head with his knuckles innocently, trying his best to be like a troublesome brother who just wanted to bother his little sister a bit. "Right?" He wanted to say 'Hey, cheer up!' But the words never left his mouth. Instead, a sincere expression of concern was painted on his face, his cold eyes becoming a bit warmer. Christian perked up to the other person on the table. "Hello. My name is Christian. I am sorry, but I don't recall yours offhand," he said offering a handshake as a weak apology. Pretending to like the guy in that second was a struggle, but Christian was used to talking to people he didn't like.

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