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Julia -

Julia was almost ecstatic when Shadoan handed her her purse back, immediately beginning to brush it off and attempt to clean it or at least make it more visually presentable. Shadoan then made a comment about her being difficult to carry and Julia stopped what she was doing. ...That isn't usually what a boy would say to a girl, is it? She supposed she couldn't expect strangers to be courteous. She decidedly let it go without comment. The boy then announced that he was leaving to go... do... something..?


She was still very confused. Perhaps she should just go? She didn't seem to be a prisoner or anything. Julia moved to stand when Kiba mentioned being healed enough to leave, doing so with relative ease. It was then that Kiba mentioned a group and members and what now? She had no idea what he was going on about.


He then proceeded to ask her another question.

"Um.../where am I/?"

She was more persistent in getting an answer to that question this time. It was kind of important.

"What group..? And--"

A hint of frustration was in her voice. She then abruptly calmed down though.

"I was just exploring, searching for a photo album."

She proceeded to gesture to her purse, in which the album was contained.

"I'll get an entire badge for it."
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