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Puns really? Wynaut I guess. I'm just Slaking off anyway.

Edit: i did not read your paragraph until after my post so i didn't know you aleady used Wynaut.

@Mammoth: So help me if I even see either if those pokemon I will slaughter them. Both are massive fails in the pokemon world. Xatu was already Psy Fly and Zubat was a bat which evolved into the epic Crobat (eventually). Stunfisk is just another DERP like Dusparce, but worse.

Isaac and Jason are only catching decent and worth while pokemon. Ex. Isaac's new Seedot! Name to be: Tach

Edit: More puns. And these are rather Lopunny, others are Farfetch'd, so I'll take it slowbro.

I almost got Sawk'd today, but the guy couldn't Throh a punch.

I really Swanna go out for dinner.

Rhydon (Why Don), Why'd you do it?

The hearth always feels warmer after long absence.
It's good to be back.
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