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Cira & Alex Gaile - Under the Vatican, Rome, Italy

A vampire? Well, at least he wasn't sparkling. He didn't need blood, either, but the Librarian clarified what makes him like that. His canines really weren't that big, on top of it. With his age, too, he could probably do anything by now.

Following along to his library, Alex was polite enough to leave the delectables behind, after the last bite of the tart on his plate.

"Amazing..." Cira noted, looking at books upon shelves upon floors of journals, all detailing The Librarian's experiences obtaining peoples' powers. "There are so many." It was incredible, as each book had a different ability. The Librarian exhibited a few that he acquired over the many years he's lived, from growing wings to spikes made out of crystals, and even changing what language he was talking in without a thought about it. Cira only heard French and Deutsch, but he expected that The Librarian knew at least three more if he hadn't acquired an omnilinguistic ability along the way.

"You may decline if you wish," he added, pulling a few anecdotes out about some of the people who refused before. Cira really didn't doubt that he'd have acquired similar abilities, considering the sheer number of books. Even if half of them were actually volumes on a single ability, chances are there were just as many that only took up half a journal. The Librarian gave the prospect of training in Cira's ability, having already gotten his. That piqued his interest, to say the least, and Alex liked the assurance that it wouldn't hurt much when it was done to him.

Before they got into anything, though, "Otto said something that caught my attention on the train," Cira started, looking between the girl in question and James. "This 'Royal Family' is its own thing. She said they misled us, and that you want to help understand our purpose as Atlanteans, but where do you really stand? You have to be in some kind of organization or syndicate if you're sending people to get us."

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