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Hey, I've got a whole folder filled with my Pokemon cards and I'm thinking about selling my rarest ones. I'll start of with some of my favorites that I think could be worth a lot

EX Crystal Guardians: Charizard δ 032/075 JAPANESE and 1ST EDITION
Neo Destiny 4: Shining Celebi (Triple Star) 106/105
Neo Genesis: Skarmory 13/111 1ST EDITION
EX Emerald: Blaziken 1/106. (The EX Emerald title is in the picture and has Pokeball styled holograph design)
Fossil 3 legendary birds Articuno 2/62, Zapdos 15/62, Moltres 12/62
Rocket's Suicune EX 105/109
Rocket's Articuno EX 96/109
Platinum – Rising Rivals: Flying Pikachu 113/111

Wizards Black Star Promos
Pikachu 1
Electabuzz 2
Mewtwo 3
Pikachu 4
Dragonite 5
Surfing Pikachu 25
Flying Pikachu 28
Meowth 10 (Has GB in the bottom right of the picture)

If you want pictures, I'll add them soon and I'll add more cards later after these cards are valued.

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