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Originally Posted by SwiftSign View Post
How can I use NSE to edit the textbox? I loaded and changed it on there, pressed 'Insert -> Image Data', then save, however it just causes the game to go into a crashing frenzy (problems loading the first textbox image I presume?) ><.


I have also attempted it by repointing the data to a 100% safe zone, but the same thing happens. If I reinsert the original back in then it works fine. ;_;
  1. No the image does not have to be compressed.
  2. It also looks like you are trying to import a "Type2" text-box in the "Type1" slot... don't do that!
  3. Do not edit any part of the image in this red box!

That should fix up any issue you're having

P.S. Attached are the original Type1 and 2 sprites in-case you need them
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