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Originally Posted by Fraot View Post
Dude, this game looks awesome.
However, there's something that bugs me, I've seen many things rolling in many games...
Your sprites from the protagonist are also in Pokémon Garnet(or were). Also, the starters from Pokémon Garnet were also in another fan game and... BAH! I'm confused, who made these things?
Well, you see, the two most popular RMXP Pokemon games are Phoenix Rising and Garnet. Most of their work, as in updates and feedback, are on dArt. Blue Chrome is very popular too, but Luka is kinda discrete with his work.

Anyway, lots of people are on both the Phoenix Rising team, and the Garnet team. Also, Abnegation and Hydrargirium are friends, so you never know what one might give the other if he no longer needs it... It's quite confusing if you don't follow up on dA...
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