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Julia - Vendor's Infirmary

Julia met Kiba's gaze, mild frustration on her expression. "Want to see me juggle live grenades? It only costs one badge piece!~" When Kiba finally spoke up her gaze softened a bit. She didn't completely understand what had prompted that apology. Was she doing something she wasn't aware of? Did she look more annoyed than she actually was? Or were there other reasons not involving her..? Regardless, the male then proceeded to go on and explain where they had found her and where they'd taken her. How long had he been carrying her? Awkward... She decidedly didn't comment on that either.

"Oh... yeah."

Kiba then went on to talk about the reward, and how he didn't need one and was looking for adventure. Julia took a moment to think about it. Why would someone come here for adventure? She supposed after thinking about it that it wasn't too far of a stretch, but could she do it? She had left her best friends behind to come here with the intent of coming back with a prize for them all to reap the benefits of. No... she didn't think she could enjoy being here for adventure alone. She didn't actually like the feeling of being alone, and her pokemon were no cure. He had asked her about her wish. Well that was certainly a topic to bring up.

"...It's complicated... I want to wish for... eternal friendship."

She was honest, but one didn't need to observe the look on her face that suggested her mind was off in a distant world to think to question what she meant by that. Taking the berries she looked them over for several moments before very reluctantly crushing them in her hand, allowing the juice to drip onto her skin. It might seem apparent that she was a bit big on cleanliness.


A half-hearted smile graced her face as she said this.
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