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New World Order

I'm going to try something new. This RP is taking the idea of Pokemon (pitting monsters against each other for sport) and pumping it up to the ultra violent adult level. This is NOT a Pokemon RP. It is an RP for collecting, battling, and evolving monsters.


It is January first, 12:00 A.M. The year is the year 3000. The world has changed. Technology has evolved. Things once thought possible only in science fiction stories have become a reality. The fusion reactor, the Tesla coil, teleportation, materializing food and water from air molecules, cures for all known diseases, storing objects in pocket dimensions, flying cars, taming wild beasts with an injection, and cloaking devices are all real. But the biggest change to the world is its life forms. When the organization known as the illuminati finally stepped out of the shadows and took over the world in 2226 they set their sights on building a Utopia. Guided by a mysterious extra dimensional being known only as the enlightened one they brought forth the new technologies mentioned above. Because of this, they first seemed like a godsend... until the purges started. One of the goals of the illuminati was to thin the world's population. At random they picked hundreds of millions of innocent citizens and forced them into labor camps. At the camps they built temples to the enlightened one. one hundred fifty years, and seven hundred billion casualties later the temples were complete. In 2390 the illuminati announced to the world the temple's true purposes. The temples were in fact able to open up portals to the enlightened one's world. They wanted the "Utopia" that they had created to be complete, and only the enlightened one claimed to have the ability to bring it. In the year 2400 they enacted their plan as portals opened up around the world at the temples. At first their plan seemed to be working until the fusion reactors went critical and the portals started to expand too rapidly. They tried to shut it down but couldn't. Things then began to come through the portals. Some resembled creatures from mythology and folklore. Others looked like things never seen before.

Finally the people in charge of the portal project pushed the button that sent the fusion reactors to a pocket dimension closing the portals. However, something else besides the creatures got through. A foreign virus entered the planet that mutated every complex biological life form into something superior. The animals mutated into fierce durable creatures that had almost supernatural powers. The plants turned into bigger lusher super plants with different strange abilities. Humans became stronger, faster, smarter, gained the ability to live up to five hundred years, and became more varied in hair and eye color.

Fast forward to the year 3000. Citizens have grown displeased with the New World Order. Rebel groups have formed to fight the tyrannical government. They've banded together to create the FRA (freedom resistance army.) Using the tactics of the Roman Emperor Nero, the illuminati has taken the public's mind off of their human rights violations by creating a sport that pits the wild monsters against each other in battle. Monster tamers travel around the world, and catch and train monsters to battle each other with. Whoever wipes out the opponents team of six monsters first is the winner of the battle. These monster battles are often bloody in nature, and in a free world would be considered inhumane.


You are a monster tamer with the goal of becoming the MFC (Monster fighting championship) champion. You start the RP as a beginning tamer in the United States of America. Your goal is to collect the ten codes from the ten stadium leaders and make it to the final tournament. Whoever wins the tournament faces the champion. Stadium leaders will each have an element that determines the type of monsters that they use. Other troubles that you'll face in this world is of course the illuminate. They are still hell bent on bringing forth their leader, the enlightened one to Earth. Also, be careful of the FRA, they might not be what they seem

Elemental Types

Each monster is of one ten elemental types. These types determine their strengths and weaknesses. The types are.

Fire- Monsters that use fire as a weapon. Usually weak to Water.

Water- Aquatic type monsters. Usually weak to fire.

Thunder- Monsters equated with thunder. Usually weak to wind.

Wind- Monsters that fly or use wind as a weapon. Usually weak to thunder.

Earth- Monsters of the ground that use earth as a weapon. Usually weak to Metal.

Metal- monsters that are cyborg or associated with metal. Usually weak to Earth.

Ice- Monsters that live in the cold or use the cold as a weapon. Usually weak to Wood.

Wood- Plant type monsters. Usually weak to ice.

Light- Holy beasts associated with light. Usually weak to darkness.

Darkness- Demon, ghost, or undead monsters associated with darkness. Usually weak to light.


This RP will test your creativity. In this future the monsters are so varied that no one has any idea how many types there are. The people in the RP will create the monsters as they go along. Every monster that is created will be stored in a Dex in the lounge. Each monster has four stages of evolution no exceptions. Since this is an M rated RP I expect the monsters to be fierce looking. Please do not copy the style of the Pokemon monsters. Every monster will have its own unique attacks and weaknesses. Levels go from 1 to 99. Everyone will start out with a level 5 monster. That's pretty much what I have to say about this.

Tamer Band

A tamer band is the most important tool to a monster tamer. It's a small computer attached to a band that fits around the arm. It shows information holographically. The band shows information that the computer collects from every monster the tamer meets. It can also fire black hole balls which are balls of energy that are used to capture the monster, tame it, and send it to the pocket dimension to await use.


Plants will have various uses in the RP that will be talked about later.




Appearance: (remember there are strange hair and eye colors in this future)



Starting monster: (Just create what ever monster you want to use. You can even take it from Mythology. Must be first stage.)

Monster's appearance: (Be descriptive)

Type and Weakness:

Attacks: (up to six attacks. Do not rip off Pokemon. Be sure to list the attack's type.)


1. All PC rules apply.
2. No Bunnying or Godmodding unless I say so.
3. This is rated M so violence is expected.
4. I am the GM, what I say goes.
5. Have fun.

Accepted RPers
aspie3000 (GM)
Kyoshi the Polar Bear
Game Over1375

Monster DEX

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