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Thank you everyone for your input. I really love how this thread is going so far. I believe, even if this thread dies, nothing but good thing can come from it.

Originally Posted by Anti View Post
Looking forward, I just want a stable, fun metagame to play. I built a pretty good OU team and then Excadrill got banned, and then my rebuilt team suffered when Thundurus got banned. Of course. I know Vrai is about to post something about NU and I will follow up with something about Gen 3 OU. I'm especially looking forward to trying out NU which Vrai swears by!
Anti, thank you for your support!

It really sounds like breaking out of this OU revolving door can freshen up this forum. I would love to try something new, and I certainly would if given the proper information (because I'm lazy and I don't want to do the research myself – perhaps others are in this boat also). If a few members are willing to start a series of threads and state a case for why another tier could be better suited for some individuals, (including various information about what Pokemon are commonly used, how battles differ and are therefore more interesting, etc.) members could have access to anything they would need to make an educated decision and build a team. Forever posted a “best tier” thread, I imagine it being something like that but specifically focusing on one tier and how it compares to OU. An “everything you need to know about – inset tier – and resource guide”, you know? Can't wait to hear what you and Vrai have to say!

This can also tie in nicely to Wolf's point of trying new tiers / themes = more interest. Posting tier specific, informative threads could be the catalyst that inspires more community driven events and, subsequently, more RMTs and forum activity.

Originally Posted by Wolflare View Post
What I think we should start with is the PC tournament, along with the Community Night. Echoing what I said before with the PC tournament, we could hold different themes after each tournament to keep things interesting. Perhaps we should make a main thread for PC tournament discussion. Then make separate threads for the themed tournaments that can be posted and hosted (I enjoyed this also) by different members. The main thread would be for discussing the next theme, deciding on who should host the next tournament, etc. I think this would be a simple and easy way to encourage battling in different tiers (and battling in general) and makes things more interesting around here. Additionally, tournaments technically only need 4 members to work. Obviously, that wouldn't be very exciting, but we have to start somewhere. If we can keep this and Community Night running properly, I'm sure activity will eventually increase and we can then produce slightly bigger events. That isn't counting independent tournaments, as well as PO server tournaments. After that, the main forum might become more active once we have more members to post RMTs and such.

tl;dr: get rid of clans, revive the official pc tournament that consists of themes, and get commnight working again
Wolf, this idea of starting slow (4 player tournaments etc) and allowing this ripple effect to spread throughout the community is very strong. At the end of the day, no one can force anyone to be more active or battle if they no longer find anything in it for them. However, giving the proper incentives to somewhat active members, providing more structure - but not demanding - for commnight, and lessening structure in all the right places, may give other members (old and new) the motivation they need to just show up and see how it's going. I know I would at least take the time to visit. Early tournaments don't necessarily have to be exciting. But they do have to occur for a plethora of reasons. Themes can work as an excellent vessel to keep activity up and members interested. And maybe there can be an influx of willing participants and morale once a few tournaments have come and gone successfully. With the current size of the CBC, expecting anymore more may be, as it has been in the past, too overwhelming.

Slow and steady could very well win this race.

EDIT : Also, I had an idea for an emblem. I'll include that here cause this seems like the most appropriate place. And yes, I did just see Vrai's amazing NU thread. :>

RMT Junkie

>>You've posted so many RMTs that you must have a problem! Keep up those good ideas!

I know the new emblem thing was done way back when in March, but I didn't see it until 5 minutes ago. I think you guys had an emblem like this before too.. but I digress. Obviously, this emblem would be geared toward new members to encourage them to post more RMTs. Kind of plays on the "Ladder Addict" theme. Captions / image / whatnot is yours to alter.
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