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Originally Posted by Essentials View Post
Name: Essentials, if it isn't obvious already.
Cute Pokémon: I think Piplup is a cute Pokemon, so I'm going with Piplup the Piplup.
Why?: 'Cause I only like cute Pokemon, weak or not. :3

*That is all.
Hi Essentials, welcome!

I love Piplup cos of Dawn. Here's some Piplup pics for you!


And, speaking of this cute penguin - there are two Piplup events underway!

Happy Piplup C-Gear skin now available internationally

Nagashima Spa Land to distribute Piplup

The first one mentions the Piplup C-Gear skin now being available to non-Japanese Black and White Versions.

The second one is a Japan-only event where you can pick up a special Piplup for Japanese Black and White Versions. This Piplup knows the moves Hydro Pump, FeatherDance, Water Sport and Peck. What makes it unique is that Hydro Pump isn't learned naturally until Level 43 while FeatherDance is an egg move.