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Jack Davis

Charlie ignored Jev and let out another Confusion, however this time the Salamence let out a powerful DragonBreath that engulfed the Kadabra. Charlie cried out and staggered back, ready for Jack's next order... only to receive none. The Kadabra looked back at Jack, shocked, before the dragon swooped down and bit him with a powerful Crunch. Charlie cried out as he struck back with another Confusion that only caused the Salamence to bite down harder.

Charlie groaned as his body became numb and the Salamence dropped him with a thud and flew back up. Jack slowly walked over to the barely conscious psychic and knelt before him. "Charlie, you are not the most powerful pokemon in existence. There are always going to be those that are more powerful. Just because someone beats you in a fight doesn't mean that you're weak. It means you have to get better. I couldn't show you this lesson before because you were too powerful back in Kanto. Not every pokemon will be defeated by you. You will lose, and I know that it has been a long time since you lost but it happens. I saw in your eyes when we spoke last time that you still didn't believe that I would turn you out. What you felt right now is what would happen in the wild if you were turned out. You wouldn't have someone walk to you with a potion and be healed, you would die."

Jack let that sink in, "Charlie, this will be your only battle this entire week because I want to get back to the basics. We need to learn to trust each other once again and if you're a lose cannon then that makes our trust that much more difficult. You saw how easily that Salamence took you down because you are too invested in your pride. You need to suck it up and not be a jerk to anyone anymore. I saw what you did to Bravo and I won't have that attitude anymore. I know it's tragic what happened but it's done and over, so put it behind you. You let anger and your pride blind you in battle, it always has and now it's affecting your performance. It's affected your life too much. I needed to show you this at point blank range and I want to know right now if you want to work with not just me but with the others as well and put your past behind you. Now, do you want to get rid of your weakness?"

Jack held out his hand. Charlie spent a few seconds looking at the hand before he grasped it and Jack pulled him up. "Alright, first don't ignore Jev. He's right here, so talk to him, and no insults either. You need to make friends that can help you with not only training but also give you a fresh perspective on battling."

Jack stepped back as Charlie turned to Jev and looked rather uncomfortable as he squirmed on the spot.

Echo was starting to get in her battle spirit as she picked up speed and sent punch after punch against Shadoan, making sure to dodge the punches although there was one or two that managed to hit her. She even jumped up to kick him in his stomach before she continued to punch as fast as she could.
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