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My favorites are Mandibuzz, Cohagrigus, Carracosta, Excadrill, Lilligant, Meloetta, Genesect, the tao trio, Zoroark, Emboar, the kami trio, and Haxorus since they're fun to use, have rather nice designs, and their movepools aren't too bad either.

My least favorites are the elemental monkeys, Krookodile, Jellicent, Bisharp, Watchog, Afrobull, Conkeldurr, Durant, the musketeer trio, Keldeo, Whimsicott, and Samurott due to crappy typings and designs, horrid movepools, and are overall disappointing even to face or use.

Most favorite - Mandibuzz. I can go on for hours on how much I love this bird and its abilities as a rather decent mixed wall but I'm just gonna say I love vultures and leave it at that.

Most hated - Watchog. Oh my god I despise this piece of crap that Lenora used against me to make Whitney seem like a walk in the park in comparison to this. I really don't want to say anymore than that.

Just my 2 cents there.
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