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Quote originally posted by Goku Jr.:
The game crashed when I went to get the old Amber and then went to the Pokemon Center in Ciprus town. Glitch much?
Was this the patch I uploaded last night?
Because I just added the flag to the old amber that the scientist guy uses to check for the old amber.
I will probably change his script later so he actually checks for the fossils themselves rather than just flags.

Quote originally posted by atie:
It is damn hard to find Houndour in the fire cave, I encountered it already but I killed it. I need it for my Hybrid team also where can I find Chinchou? Lanturn is probally the best Hybrid water pokemon.

There is a guy with Pokemons over the level 65 on route 15
I almost killed him though,
This a bug right -___-
You can find chinchou with a good rod on route 20 or 21, probably other routes too.
Yeah I fixed that guy lol.
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