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☯ Friends

Kiba watched as she accepted his offering and cleaned the juices off of her leg. It Kiba a minute or two to realize; it was probably very impolite to be staring at her legs like that. Feeling embarrassed, he looked away for a moment to recollect his thoughts and keep his skin from turning pink. He hadn't really felt like that before, so it was fairly confusing for him. Once he was able to recompose himself, he began to speak. "I'm sorry I don't have any potions or burn heals... I've been using herbs and berries because they're free, and they grow back, so they're an unlimited source of healing..." Green and blue eyes met hers as she spoke. "I was apologizing earlier because I felt like I might have caused an awkward moment by saying it..." He then thought to himself, And then adding another awkward moment immediately after... Maybe I need to be alone sometime, because I'm acting strange, even for me... Her next speech lifted his head back to look at her.

"you'll join us...?" The fact that she was smiling threw him off, more than anyone would know, but what shocked him even more was the fact that he was smiling as well. "That's wonderf- ... Um, good... That's good..." He wasn't very good at hiding the fact that Julia joining the team excited him. He didn't want to seem like some creepy person by sounding so over-enthusiastic, though he probably failed at preventing that. I wonder what she even thinks of me... When the prize was brought up, he shrugged. "Well, I'm not after the wish, so my purpose in the group is really just to help everyone." He couldn't hold in a smile as he went on, "Besides, my wish would have been for new friends... Which, meeting you actually makes that come true..." He smiled quietly before averting his gaze to the outside. "As for them, I'm not sure. Maybe you all could battle each other for the wish, at the end of the adventure of course. You'd have to discuss it with them. I won't stand in your way though." He smiled still, which confused him, because he rarely ever smiled before now. He sighed a little to himself and looked onward in silence. Eternal friendship... That sounds like something nice... I wonder what she meant by it though...

Spirit, bored now with Julia, fluttered outside and made her way to the fight. She watched Sneasel beating up on the human and cheered. Yeah, kick his ass!!

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