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Originally Posted by Astinus View Post
I was just thinking about this club today, and thought about remaking it. Glad to see you got to it first, Tails!

Username: Astinus

Link to GPX+ Profile [so we can add you to our pal pads!]:

Your Partner [any Pokemon you have on GPX+]: (Nimh of course!)

Current Topic answer: I guess what I can be happy about is getting the Mysterious Letter. I haven't used the new site much due to a lack of time for clicking. I have heard that it's faster for clicking purposes.

Other than that, I guess that would have to be hatching my shiny Zangoose after nearly 800 eggs. I thought that hunt would go on forever.
Hey Astinus! Yeah, I wanted a club andI'm really obsessed with GPX+, so I decided to get the GPX+ club haha. I would have liked to see what you would have done to it. ;D

And wow, that's a crazy log hunt. :O

Originally Posted by Keruso View Post
yes, yes it is. reset just happened, and ive already done 1200 clicks as of this post. i was even able to get Expert and Master Clicker with the new site. Two achievements id NEVER thought i would get
I didn't get the Mysterious Letter, but I heard that it has the Berry Feeder from Mobile. I LOVE the Berry Feeder, it's so much more efficient. I'm super excited for the release. :3

New Topic!
What do you think should be changed or added to GPX+? (especially with the new site coming out!)

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