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Originally Posted by colcolstyles View Post
Instead of wasting your time translating each individual character into hexadecimal, why not do this:
1. Get an actual table file (not just a .txt document with a hex value next to corresponding character) like this one (credit: thethethethe for the values, me for wasting my time making it in WindHex so y'all don't have to)
2. Load the ROM and the table file in a hex editor
3. Do a text search (not a hex search!) for the text
4. Edit in "Text Edit Mode", or the equivalent in whatever hex editor you're using

With this method, you can just type your text straight up. Of course, you'll still have to insert line breaks and the like yourself but it sure beats your method :\

colcolstyles, what do you mean by "text edit mode"?
I would like to use this easier method, but I'm using Hex Workshop and I searched high and low for "text edit mode" and can't find it. Can someone please help me on this?
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