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Quote originally posted by TheZeno96:
Well done man, they are fantastic, i wait the others!

Thanks! There will be more up soon.

Quote originally posted by bensgraphicdesign:
They look fantastic! I must admit I like the one and two more then the twenty second one, I don't know what about it... It has the 'Fakémon look' as I call it. Keep it up though!

Yeah that one I feel was a bit rushed... I'll fix it soon. Its meant to be the Magikarp-Gyarados of the region, except that its much more useful than Magikarp.

Quote originally posted by mineox100:
Somehow, I feel like the 1st and 2nd one is too similar.

Yeah I have a new idea for the grass starters so I may redo them. Does a T-rex/Spinosaurus sound good? (I haven't designed it yet)

Quote originally posted by AtavanHalen343:
Your style bears a resemblance to the style nintendo uses in black and white, which I find great. Well done.

Thanks I actually try to make my style more HG/SS style, I am not that fond of B/W style XD

Quote originally posted by MagnumKnight13:
I really enjoy these sprites the colors blend well and the ideas are fantastic. I was thinking. Maybe you could call that fish looking one Gloommist. It is a ghost water type right?

Thanks! although the fish is actually Water/Flying, its based on the flying fish. But thanks for the idea anyway!

Sorry guys I haven't got round to spriting anything in the last couple of days.
However here are a few designs:

New grass starters (3): T-rex/Spinosaur.

Rodent line (2): Flying squirrel.

Bug line (2): Shield bugs

Thats all for now.

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