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AN: This is set in the same universe as Pokemon: Magic of a Melody and The Traveler's Tales: A Minstrel's Journey, but takes place ten or fifteen years before those stories with different characters.

White Fire, Black Thunder, Silver Song

Prologue: The Legend of Reshiram

A brown haired boy relaxed under a tree, engrossed in a book. Granted, he had read the book before, but for some reason he kept returning to the page depicting a white fox-like dragon creature. He raised an eyebrow at the picture of the majestic Pokemon, then turned the page. Reshiram and her white fire saved Yoso long ago--but it can't possibly be true...

"Master?" a soft female voice asked, startling the boy and making his book tumble into the grass.

The boy thought about retrieving the elegant juniper bow that rested by his side, but when he saw that the voice belonged to a small fan-tailed lizard, he heaved a sigh of relief. "What is it, Tane?"

"That copy of 'Legendary Pokemon and the Tales Behind Them'...why do you keep coming back to the page with Reshiram on it?"

The boy froze, unsure how to answer the Snivy in front of him. He could say that he found Reshiram beautiful, but then the tiny Pokemon would press him further. He could also tell his companion that he found Reshiram's story intriguing, but he really didn't feel like debating how true the story was this early in the morning.

"Well, Tane..." he began. "I heard a minstrel sing of Reshiram a few days ago, and the song essentially retold our lodge's legend of Reshiram."

"Do you remember how it went?" Tane asked, piqued.

"I'm not going to try and sing it, but I will tell you what lyrics I remember." the boy assured his Snivy as he retrieved the book. "A thousand years have passed since then, and Reshiram doth sleep again. But should she ever need to rise to save Yoso from its demise, a new mage she shall call. The chosen one, with powers blessed, shall travel on an epic quest. Across the entire world they'll scour for eight magic crystals of power."

"Like a minstrel unleashing Rainbow Symphony or an archmage searching for the god's rings?" Tane asked.

"Similar, yes, but what happens next is different." the boy replied as he gathered his bow and his travel bag. "When all are at the hilltop den, Reshiram will awake again and use her shining scared fire to light the demon lord's pyre."

"But who said Reshiram fought the demon lord?" Tane wondered as she followed her master down the hill.

"To be honest, no one really knows for sure who or what Reshiram battled all those years ago." the boy confessed. "A monster is the most common explanation, but some claim Reshiram fought the underworld's own fox dragon--Zekurom of the Black Thunder. And others, like this minstrel, think Reshiram fought the demon lord."

"But who do you think Reshiram fought?" Tane asked as the spires of Avenitia Lodge came into view.

"Tell you what--let's get some breakfast first, and then we'll talk more about who Reshiram battled." the boy offered.

"Okay!" Tane smiled, and bounded down the path to the lodge....

To Be Continued...

The world will be saved by four heroes with a song in their hearts....

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