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I did the challenge! Didn't exactly get what I wanted but it doesn't really matter that much.

Storm Drain|Sassy
Mud-Slap|Recover|Toxic|Ice Beam

So I chose Gastrodon because he had a huge change of power with the coming of Drizzle Politoed, being a great rain counter in sand teams, and a great supporter in rain teams. It shifted from NU to OU, which is an amazing change!

Originally Posted by CrazyMrHans View Post
So it took me nearly an entire day, but I RNG'd the following:

Shiny Kyurem, Adamant, 31/+30/31/-31/31/31
Shiny Solosis (M), Modest, 31/-XX/31/+31/31/31
Shiny Ferroseed (M), Adamant, 31/+31/31/-XX/31/31
Shiny Litwick (M), Modest, 31/-XX/31/+31/31/31 (Two of these :P)
Shiny Tynamo (M), Modest, 31/-XX/31/+31/31/31
Shiny Magikarp (F), Adamant, 31/+31/31/-XX/31/31
Shiny Axew (M), Adamant, 31/+31/31/-XX/31/31

Axew (F), Adamant, 31/+31/31/-29/31/31
Scraggy (M), Adamant, 31/+31/31/-29/31/31
Ferroseed (M), Adamant, 31/+31/31/-31/31/31
Tynamo (M), Modest, 31/-XX/31/+31/31/31
Ditto, Rash, 31/31/31/31/31/31
Elgyem, Modest + Adamant, for synchronising
Volcarona (M), Modest, 31/-XX/31/+31/31/31

I would do the thing with the pretty pictures and sprites and stuff, but I can't because I don't have 15 posts yet. Oh wells.

Is that a solid effort for a day's worth of Pokemon?
Wow, that is a LOT. I can't get myself to do that much in a day.

EDIT: OH I almost forgto i wanted to say thank you to you all for choosing me as the winner! :D :D :D

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