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I did the challenge! Didn't exactly get what I wanted but it doesn't really matter that much.

Storm Drain|Sassy
Mud-Slap|Recover|Toxic|Ice Beam

So I chose Gastrodon because he had a huge change of power with the coming of Drizzle Politoed, being a great rain counter in sand teams, and a great supporter in rain teams. It shifted from NU to OU, which is an amazing change!

Quote originally posted by CrazyMrHans:
So it took me nearly an entire day, but I RNG'd the following:

Shiny Kyurem, Adamant, 31/+30/31/-31/31/31
Shiny Solosis (M), Modest, 31/-XX/31/+31/31/31
Shiny Ferroseed (M), Adamant, 31/+31/31/-XX/31/31
Shiny Litwick (M), Modest, 31/-XX/31/+31/31/31 (Two of these :P)
Shiny Tynamo (M), Modest, 31/-XX/31/+31/31/31
Shiny Magikarp (F), Adamant, 31/+31/31/-XX/31/31
Shiny Axew (M), Adamant, 31/+31/31/-XX/31/31

Axew (F), Adamant, 31/+31/31/-29/31/31
Scraggy (M), Adamant, 31/+31/31/-29/31/31
Ferroseed (M), Adamant, 31/+31/31/-31/31/31
Tynamo (M), Modest, 31/-XX/31/+31/31/31
Ditto, Rash, 31/31/31/31/31/31
Elgyem, Modest + Adamant, for synchronising
Volcarona (M), Modest, 31/-XX/31/+31/31/31

I would do the thing with the pretty pictures and sprites and stuff, but I can't because I don't have 15 posts yet. Oh wells.

Is that a solid effort for a day's worth of Pokemon?
Wow, that is a LOT. I can't get myself to do that much in a day.

EDIT: OH I almost forgto i wanted to say thank you to you all for choosing me as the winner! :D :D :D

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