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Christian Calaway- Atlantean Mansion, Boston, England

"Don't worry about it," Antonia said with a gesture of her hand as if she was sweeping the problem under the rug. "Some of us forget things," he laughed lightly. Antonia was tempted to continue conversing with Oakley at the point, but any effort was immediately drowned out by Kieran's chatter with Christian. It didn't help that Oakley appeared to space out. There goes any attempt at conversation with someone other than Christian. Why did he have to go and talk to Kieran?

"Kieran," the boy said leaning over to accept Christian's handshake. It was a firm grip and after a few good shakes, Kieran sunk back into his seat. Maybe he wasn't too bad after all. A handshake can tell a lot about a man. His confidence. His strength of character. A weak handshake is a bad first impression, but Kieran managed to at least provide an acceptable one. He spoke with clarity as well. Christian perhaps was a bit quick to judge. "Kieran Davis. Nice to meet you too, Christian. I'm guessing you're the Christian that owns the motorcycle they brought over last night? That's a pretty sweet bike you got there."

"Yes. That's mine. Thank you. Bought her myself. Been tweaking her around a bit. She is quite fast and handles beautifully. I was hoping to take her out for a ride tomorrow, but to be honest I never took her off road. I don't want mud to ruin the paint job," Christian finished with deep concern in his voice followed by a nervous chuckle. In hindsight it probably sounded like a father being over protective of his dear child. It would only make sense as the bike in many cases represented a step in independence and responsibility in Christian's life. It was his first major purchase without his dictator of a mother breathing his neck and his often passive father supporting him but conveniently forgetting when his mother stormed in, taking her side immediately. It was a culmination of his work as an individual, forging his own destiny. It was probably why he always took such pride in his work on the motorcycle. It was something he always turn to and smile. Working on it, even if it was something as simple as maintenance became a labor of love and a moment of zen. It allowed the usually uptight man to ease his mind.

"Where are you going, Oakley?" Kieran spoke suddenly, shattering Christian's internal monologue in a matter of speaking. "You shouldn't wander off especially when you just got out of the the first aid room." Kieran looked back at Christian and Antonia, who exchanged looks of confusion. Their eyes met, swapping theories on why Oakley had to have any sort of wounds attended to. To their credit, the way their eyes met almost suggested that they were on the same page, though Christian would sooner admit that his theory was probably far more grand and complex and Antonia (being his better half at this point) had a far more sensible and believable theory. "Yeah, there was a slight incident during training," he gestured to her right palm, the one that was medically attended to, gripping a crystal of some sort bearing some resemblance to one Christian saw earlier. "Oakley fell onto my swords," he then motioned to his own arms, "and I accidentally hurt her. It was an accident and she had to go to the first aid room."

So swords were Kieran's power? Christian couldn't recall off hand if Kieran's power was mentioned to him and who could blame him? With training and the prophecy preoccupying his mind, forgetting a minor detail like that could be excused. Christian doubted that Kieran could create steel swords from his being. Bone perhaps? That sounded the most likely. Bone manipulation was a plausible and interesting power. Sounded more useful than his own in his own opinion. After all, smoke wasn't exactly that deadly. At least not at the moment.

"Doesn't sound like a slight incident to me," Christian said taking a quick gulp of his drink. "I thought you were one of the most experienced members of the school here. If your control over your ability is no better than hers or mine, I would advise you not to intervene in anyone's training, unless you want to cause more accidents. Allow the members of the Royal Family to handle 'incidents' in the future. They know what they are doing," Christian spoke with disdain, bordering on disgust. Kieran now sounded like an ignorant fool. Kieran now proved himself to be a "rookie" like many of the other students, completely unaware of the destructive potential of his powers. But unlike the other rookies, Kieran did not appear to act responsibly. Sure, Christian did not know they exact circumstances of this accident, and many of the situations he painted in his mind made Kieran look almost justified in his actions. But in each scenario, there was a better way to handle things. There is always a better way. Looks like Christian's first impression was right. Forget the handshake. Kieran was a fool. Nothing more. Nothing less.

"Christian," Oakley spoke up, clearly trying to change the subject, "do you speak any other languages other than English?"

Christian calmed down or tried to. Ridding thoughts of Kieran's bumbling accident was difficult. "I can speak a bit of Spanish. I took a few classes in high school. I did…okay. Not great. Better than most I suppose. New York has a large Spanish speaking population, so I never lost at least. It helped in my job when you got the occasional customer who couldn't speak in English as well. But even so, I can understand far more than I can speak."

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