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I take a swim in the deep blue ocean, where I just happen to stumble upon a mini-base.

ME: Come on, Hypno, let's go investigate.
I walk inside to find Bowser, Shaymin and a portal.

ME: *facepalms* Bowser, give it up.
BOWSER: No! I'm finally free from being beat up by that plumber!
HYPNO: I have was of convincing you. Should I use them?
BOWSER: Whatever, it won't work!

Hypno waves his pendulum. Bowser was hard to hypnotize, but he finally fell for it.

ME: Let's push him in the portal Palkia made!

Bowser is sent back to the Mushroom World.

ME: Finally we have Shaymin. Let's just sit down and relax--
Suddenly the base is uprooted and sent drifting away!
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