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Alright, it's not finished yet, of course, but I got the monster all down. Fear my starting monster! |D

Name: Zane Alef

Age: 20

Appearance: He's about five feet and nine inches tall, weighs in within the 150-lb range, and has a lively Caucasian skin tone. Zane has wide white eyes, and multi-colored hair that fringes out just around his shoulders, the bangs typically being held at the sides of his forehead or over one eye. (Colors consist of multiple shades of blonde, some black near the roots, and scarlet near the tips.) Zane's also well-built, though he's pretty far from being a bodybuilder. Just a bit of evident muscle on his arms and legs, a toned chest, and flat abs is enough for him. Normally he wears Hawaiian shirts, wide-legged blue jeans (with a belt), monochrome street sneakers, and a fleece hoodie. In the colder seasons, Zane changes out his jeans for cargos and his sneakers for some light boots.

Personality: Normally, Zane is calm, collected, intelligent, and tactful (and sometimes a comic, if the perfect moment arises). His voice reflects this, being smooth and relaxing to hear. His voice, complementing his look, can get him almost anywhere he wants without trouble. However, he's also an offensive person at times; he'll point out things he sees, good or bad, without any remorse, using a more solid voice than usual. At least he doesn't resort to physical violence, right? Wrong! When it comes to getting what he wants, Zane's ruthless, but he /does/ think things through. Don't expect him to charge head-first into a fight. Combined with a desire to become the Monster Fighting Champion, Zane's plans don't include failure.

He's fully aware of his issues-- namely a lack of conversational skills, a high sense of self because of his intelligence, he sometimes comes off as condescending with the way he talks, his lack of religious faith, and the way he can't resist something cute, among other things-- and he can end up offended easily when someone else points it out. It's not because they're pointing it out, it's because he already knows it. He just doesn't want to bother fixing it.

Hometown: Hell, Michigan


Starting Monster: The Bunny of Evil. (T-BOE)

Monster's Appearance: Really, this little dude is just an unassuming rabbit in his first stage. Fluffy white fur, a poofy cottontail, big floppy ears, and wide bunny eyes. Normally, T-BOE'll be hanging out on Zane's shoulder, since he doesn't exactly enjoy being in a pocket dimension.

Type: Earth

Weakness: Light

Death by Adorable (Dark) - Only available to his first stage (and disappearing upon evolution), The Bunny of Evil is able to concentrate all his ungodly cuteness into entrancing his opponents, who attack themselves out of just THINKING of hurting something so cute!
Earth Blast (Earth) - T-BOE is able to fire rocks and pillars out of the ground. It's used for both attacks and assisting in his jumps.
Killer Bite (Dark) - With extraordinary speed, T-BOE leaps at his opponent, dragging along a set of ethereal teeth. His best offense against incorporeal monsters, it's an otherwise normal attack.

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