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Helena Andersson - AUP Headquarters, France

Helena entered the elevator before anyone had time to stop her. She didn't look around herself particularly carefully when she entered, and just pushed some buttons hastily. The doors closed. Then she closed her eyes for a second and took a deep breath. What was she doing? She was in France, for crying out loud! Where would she go? She wished suddenly that she hadn't reacted like this. Atticus' face had been so disappointed...

"Hello?" a voice startled her suddenly. "Who is there?"

She turned around and saw Devon sitting on the floor. Emil's son. Helena blinked, then realized that he couldn't see her. She was still invisible! Interesting. She usually lost focus when she was startled. Now, would she just keep quiet and pretend that she wasn't there? Devon might try to usher her back to the AUP group. Then again... he hadn't participated in the dinner himself. He had apparently been sitting in the elevator instead. She wondered why. He seemed thoughtful. Maybe he didn't agree on the ideals of the AUP either?

The elevator started moving, but she didn't know in which direction. She sunk down beside him on the floor, leaning her back towards another wall, still invisible and without touching him.

"It's me, Helena. I'm invisible," she said, watching him. "What... what are you doing in here?"
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