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Name: Poochyena
Nickname: Hikari
lvl: 22
gender: female
nature: curious
personality: very protective towards her best friend Ruby, she sometimes sticks her nose in other peoples bussiness.
*shadow ball
*thunder fang
*scary face

Name: zorua
Nickname: Yuki
lvl: 21
gender: female
nature: jolly
personality: Zorua is a very cheerful pokemon that always tries to cheer Ruby up when she's down, Zorua often makes fun of Poochyena, her ability is Illusion.
*faint attack
*Foul play

Name: Eevee
Nickname: Kaede
lvl: 20
gender: male
nature: cool
personality: Eevee often reacts cold to other pokemon, but he never ment that in a negative way. most pokemon think of him as a arrogant pokemon, while he actually cares alot about Zorua and Poochyena and protects them from harm, he's protective towards Ruby, his goal is to evolve into a Leafeon.
*Take down
*Quick attack
*Trump card
*Last resord

Name: Vulpix
Nickname: Kyuubi
lvl: 20
Nature: joyfull
pesonality: Kyuubi is a curious Pokemon, he always is looking for ways to get stronger, he's a very happy Pokemon and admires Ruby alot.

Kyuubi lvled by 2 for defeating two houndours, Kaede lvled by 1 for fainting in a battle, Yuki lvled by one for defeating one houndour.

Lincoln- you're a brave one dude xD
Kid Mind- you too dude! Brave guys lol, you won't see me do that :3 not because it's not intressting but because i have not enough time for that xD