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Quote originally posted by PokeLordAndrew:
ASDFGHJKL AWH!!! That little guy is adorable!
Haha, but seriously. What types would it be? Grass Ground or Grass Rock? Or something else?
Thanks! he is pure grass type at the moment, but the final evo,(and maybe the first evo too) will be grass/dark.

Quote originally posted by Ninjawolf:
If you're trying to do "balanced" starters, I'd suggest using:
Fire/Dark and Water/Psychic (most balanced)
or even Fire/Rock and Water/Ice
I love your new grass starter, that truly looks like it belongs in a Pokemon game!
Keep up the good work!
Thankyou I'll probably do the starters secondary types like Dark/Psychic/Fighting, but I am not sure yet. Its final evo and possibly its first evo too will be Grass/Dark.

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