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Quote originally posted by Scarf:
What if the men you fancied that year were all very feminine and most of the time you are attracted to women? Just trying to point out that there's a lot of variables that go into attraction so unless you want to claim that "everyone is at least a little bi" (which I think is a statement with separate issues) I would say you're oversimplifying sexuality. I totally think it's possible for someone's sexuality to change. Not in the "today I think I'm going to be gay" kind of way, but gradually and probably not consciously.

I don't mean this as an attack on you. I'm just trying to get at why I feel the way I do.

If you're attracted to feminine men as well as women you are still bisexual though, unless you're not finding them sexually attractive - just noticing good looking feminine men more. With love and things coming in it gets all confusing and yes there are lots of variations on it.

I put sexuality down to sexual attraction though, which I would say is not fluid, just has a lot of different grays along the scale. I think people change what they identify as simply because we're used to such rigid terminology, rather than them actually changing themselves.