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Originally Posted by pineapple juice View Post
I'm in Cerulean city and have yet to encounter one of the new Pokemon. The Day/Night system works fine and I've found some new TMs, there a just a few graphical errors. Am I doing something wrong? Oh and why do a lot of Pokemon only know Transform?
The person who replied to you was right. The Pokémon only know Transform because they use a placeholder moveset. Transform allows them to be at least vaguely dangerous. Also, I was studying transform and how it worked to see if I could gain some undertstanding of it.

None of the new Pokémon appear in the wild because THIS IS NOT A HACK. It is a ROM BASE for other people to base hacks on.

Originally Posted by hoboman24 View Post
I found a weird glitch after you talk to the old man, he keeps reappearing when I get into a wild pokemon battle.
Cheers, Fixed now. Repatch to get the benefits of the bug fixes.

Edit to add: Does anyone have any screenshots, or a well worded account, of how U-turn and Volt Switch actually work in Generation 5?

What I mean is what happens when a wild Pokémon uses it? What happens when the switching part fails due to a lack of Pokémon in the player's party?
I'm genuinely confused as to how I should go about adding them!
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