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"Being gay isn't a choice!" "Well for guys it's not."

You know what's funny? Both me and my friend Jordan are both very set in our sexuality (Me homosexual and he heterosexual.) But for some cosmic reason, I'm the ladies man and he's the guy every gay guy wants.


Not even kidding. I'm pretty flirtatious in the sense where I'm charismatically charming and "fake hit-on" people; predominantly girls. I have so many lady aquantices it's ridiculous, and people have told me that girls flirt with me all the time because of this. Jordan's admirers are always women who are too shy to tell him, or his friends who are gay. The girl he likes currently even put him in a position of "gay best friend" during the time she was chasing after another guy.

Not related but pretty funny; although Jordan doesn't think as much. XD;

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