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Quote originally posted by ascension7:
I loved this hack, especially near the end. I haven't played the fixed version yet, but I'll make sure to try it out! I'll be pretending it's December again whilst I play
The minor fix patch isn't up yet, I was giving it a little more time to see if any other minor things showed up so I could include them as well. But I'll update the first post when it is!

Quote originally posted by ChaosSonic:
I'm really thinking into downloading the file so I can play this, I read every single positive post here, and while I don't get as much excitment from GSC hacks (personal peference) I will try this out, knowing that this will be more enjoyable.
Thanks! Glad you wanna give it a try. Hope you enjoy it!

Quote originally posted by ablahblah987:
Alright thanks. I'm enjoying this hack.
No problem! Glad you're enjoying it!

"Haha! The fun has been doubled!" - Princess Luna
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