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Player: Guitar
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Cylinder / Typhlosion lv. 39 (m) @ Charcoal
Fire Punch, ThunderPunch, Swift, Iron Tail

Blankie / Ampharos lv. 38 (f)
ThunderPunch, Thunder Wave, Fire Punch, Headbutt

Ellie Kate / Espeon lv. 38 (f) @ Berry
Mud Slap, Quick Attack, Bite, Psybeam

KeSha / Dragonair lv. 37 (f)
Dragon Rage, Thunder Wave, Waterfall, Slam

acooltent / Tentacruel lv. 35 (m)
Surf, Sludgebomb, Bubblebeam, Supersonic

Papa Bear / Ursaring (m) lv. 37
Ice Punch, Dynamic Punch, Scratch, Faint Attack

HM Slaves:
Bluh!!!!!! / Bellsprout - Cut
TopPercent / Rattata - Rock Smash
SurfNTurf / Krabby - Surf, Strength
Fly Me / Pidgeotto - Fly

first you get a swimming pool full of liquor then you dive in it
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