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Partner Rival and Pokemon: Very hard choice... Georgia & Pawniard!
Reason for joining: I love the rivals. They make the anime complete for me! I find them pretty annoying in game, but in the anime they really come to life and it wouldn't be the same without them. I love when the group runs into them and they have whole episodes focused on them, and especially when they take part in tournaments together. They're very interesting characters to watch develop and guessing what their teams will be is fun!
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Favourite rival?
This is a very hard choice. I love Bianca, Trip, Paul, Barry, Stephan and Georgia. But choosing a favourite? That's very difficult. Choosing a partner honestly took half an hour just due to how much love I have for them all. Eventually chose to go with Georgia's Pawniard because it's simply such an impressive Pokemon from watching it battle. Although I absolutely adore the other rivals listed too! I love Bianca because her attitude is amazing and her personality is so cute! At first I really hated her, but after watching Ash battle for her right to continue journeying in Unova, I really started to love her. Paul and Trip I love due to their mystery and mutual respect for Ash, even though they won't show it, also because they simply raise very unique and interesting teams. Especially Paul on that front! Barry I love for similar reasons to Bianca (they are basically the same person tbh xD) and I love Stephan because he's so upbeat and quirky, plus his Pokemon are pretty cool; I've always had a thing for Zebstrika! But I think I'll have to go with Georgia as my favourite because she looks incredibly stylish, she has a very kind side to her (even if she doesn't show it much!) and she's a character that I feel will definitely receive a lot of development in the future. Plus her team is great, I adore both Beartic and Bisharp. <3

Least-favourite rival?
Burgundy! Ughh, I hate her so much. She's so stuck up and annoying and her French is awful! I think she's one that will get more tolerable over time (the last time I saw her was at the Nimbassa Town tournament where at the end she actually seemed to be somewhat nice), but at the moment I really dislike her. She's spiteful and has no idea what she's talking about. Especially for a C-class connoisseuse! Go Cilan!