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Quote originally posted by SnowpointQuincy:
Put a Gym in Anvil Town! That part of the map can be fleshed out and make Anvil Town a complete city with it's own Gym.

There could be 10 Gym - ala the fighting type gym in Saffron City in R/B.

Also, parts of the map like Nuvema Town might not be accessable till the end of the game. Who knows? So, the Trio Gym might be a post-game triple battle.

The Shadow Triad would make really cool secret bosses. You round them up one by one across Unova, then you battle them together in a legendary dragon Rotation battle!

(the level 11 lilipup is the perfect cover for the shadow triad, or proff that the trio gym leaders are NOT that cool.)
I wouldn't mind 10 Gyms and Gym Leaders that's some change in these games.

@Suicune: A mesh of old and new leaders? Drayden is said to be the mayor of the city, so that can be elborated on.
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