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Originally Posted by ScarletFlygon View Post
Maybe it's just me as a person, but wouldn't it be nice to have all that stuff out of the way before mingling in other things?

I'm not saying that all people in high school aren't mature enough to handle it. I'm just saying that sex is a thing that muddles things up, like alchohol. It can very much interfere with that.
And honestly, not many people in high school are mature enough to handle sex.

I mean most people in high school are teenagers. I think theres 20 year old in my school?
Anyways, when you're a teenager, your body is all hormon-y and stuff, y'know? You can't make a good decision on weather-or-not to be doing the bump and grind when your pubescent mind is all about doing the bump and grind :|....
That's just my decision. Alot of today's youth doesn't take in all the factors that come to making this kind of big decision. Then again maybe I just have some really old fashioned views about sex and stuff.
I mean, I think it should only be between 2 people who love each other very much , and both of them should get checked, and use protection, unless they're old enough and well off enough to start a family and be able to SUPPORT that family.
Do you see many teenagers even considering that? Not really. At least not were I live. And about the love thing, how many teenagers can honestly comprehend true love and not mistake it for lust, y'know?

So I should rephrase a little more.
After high school because that way you could dedicate time to a child, should one arise from sexual acts. (of course, homosexuals don't have to worry about that, but still, school should be more important no matter what?)
And after puberty because when you're going through puberty, you're just much too young and immature to be doing that kind of stuff.
What about, like I said, people that are young and out of high school or people that are old and still in high school? I still don't understand how a diploma somehow transforms you from a ball of lusty hormones to a mature human being that has sex for "the right reasons" (which is an argument in itself, which I'll get to later). What I'm really curious about, is what you use to make this argument. What percentage your age group you're with has to be mature enough to handle sex before it become acceptable in your eyes? Half the people? 3/4? Everyone? It seems to me that you have an arbitrary threshold before it becomes acceptable and I want to know where it begins. You have to have a great deal of things backing you up to take such an extreme position as "sex shouldn't be had until you're out of high school".

I'd like to point out that there were very few virgins in my group of friends, and the entire school for that matter, and no pregnancies. Think of how many people around you in school (probably not your year because I guess it's not that prevalent in freshmen, juniors and seniors more likely) are having sex, and then think of how many pregnancies you know of in the school. I think that should be a good measure of the ability of high schoolers to protect themselves; while a lot of them are immature, they at least know that their future would most likely be ruined by a child and therefore take precautions.

Re: "school should be more important no matter what": So are you saying here that if you go to college you shouldn't have sex because school should be more important?

Finally, I'm going to go back to "the right reasons" to have sex. Honestly, I find that judgmental - what's so wrong about having sex just because you want to have sex? If a person is taking the proper precautions and being safe and the two (or 3, or 4, etc.) participating are both consenting, what's objectively wrong with them having sex just because they physically want it? Is sex only "okay" if you're doing it for the reasons you want to do it, and not for the reasons they want to do it?

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