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Everyone gets accepted. :D You don't have to wait for a reply~ (Is OP even around anymore?)

KH3D is a lot of fun, but it definitely does feel like a spinoff. Way moreso for me than BBS did, but maybe it's just the fact that we've had so many and even I'm getting tired of them. The game is definitely an improvement to the KH formula. Better graphics, faster/perfected battle system, exploration is a lot better, the minigames are (on the whole) a lot better than most entries... but there are some things that it's just doing oddly. And I'm not sure I'm a huge fan of those.

My only real complaints: maps are too big, cutscenes are... weird? Sometimes for the Disney world plots, they'll give you a cutscene and then prompt you for permission to show you another one instead of just putting them all together... and then you can watch these set up cutscenes from the help menu but those are the only ones with an in-menu theatre mode??? o_O And the drop system (what forces you to switch between Riku & Sora) is kind of annoying, especially since I don't entirely know how it works and for the first while it happens way too fast.

But on the whole, I'm having so much fun with it. @_@ I can't wait for my school term to be over tomorrow so I can just hide away and finish it, haha.


My first KH game was KH1, so at least with this series I started out at the beginning. It was my first RPG that wasn't Pokemon so I kind of fell in love with it. I've always really liked Disney and that was the main reason I wanted to try KH out. I'd rented a PS2 for a week and this was one of the games I got. I had to go out and buy my own memory card the moment I started it because I knew I was gonna be hooked. (And I ended up buying a copy of KH1 several months before I even got my PS2... haha.)

But my first FF game was FFX-2. XD; I mean, you'd think of all the series out there, picking a random FF game would be safe because I wouldn't need to know previous titles. (I know there's a 2 right in the title, but in my defence, I had no idea how the FF series worked and until then there had never been a direct sequel so...!) I rented X-2, initially, and I liked it enough to run out and buy X when I had to bring it back so I at least finished those games in order. :P