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Quote originally posted by pokemonpokemonpokemon59:
Well considering it's 2 years in future, maybe Iris and Drayden came to stay with you because opelucid got frozen but they don't know it yet but it got thawed out and the new water/poison gym leader along with a small population of people are there?

Oh the possibilities...
Well, maybe, but there's like at least 5 cities we can see, at least 3 of those already had gym leaders, so it might not be poison in particular. :x

Quote originally posted by Magmaruby and Aquasapphire:
True, also that will make the water starter even more most atractive in average per game as grass already got trimmed down in gen 2 with the flying gym.
I want a steal gym as the seventh gym, or maybe it'll be sixth like in Gen's II and IV.
Well yeah, Oshawott definitely would have the advantage then statistically. If so, I'd much rather the first gym be something neutral to everything, tbh. Go for normal!! :3
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