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Originally Posted by Ganthor View Post
Thanks. How would I apply the hack to FireRed?

Also, you should probably add these questions to the FAQ. Lots of people seem to be asking.
I think you can just open up the ips file and tell it to patch the fire red rom, but I'm not sure. If not then you can download the Lunar ips patching program.
I might add it to the FAQ later, but it's been answered so many times in other threads already. We'll see.

Originally Posted by aznmouse12 View Post
Err sorry for bugging you but but do i get to the sixth gym? I just finished the seventh and I'm not sure how to proceed
I have no idea how you skipped the sixth gym, because you need that badge to use strength, and you can't even get to the 7th gym without strength. So I don't know where you are.
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