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I pulled my box of old Basic 1st Edition cards from the closet and am probably looking to liquidate. All of the cards came right from packs into penny sleeves. After compiling a number of sets back in the day, the remaining cards (~800, but includes about 150 energy) were put in a box and closed up since 1999.

Part of the collection is one complete set including a number of errors (red and yellow cheek, Blastoise, Kakuna, Bulbasaur, Caterpie, matapod, Sandshrew, Voltorb, Vulpix). All of these are in penny sleeves and top loaders and are in new condition.

What would a complete set like this fetch ungraded?

I was considering grading the complete set - understanding that it would normally not be prudent to grade many of these cards. However, if a complete PSA 10 graded set of Basic 1st edition came available, what would it be worth?

Would any of the cards lower than rares be worth grading?
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