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Originally Posted by Olli97 View Post
Which of the rival teams do you like the best?
THIS QUESTION IS HARD. I could write literally pages on this, but I'm going to keep it short so it's easier to read/reply to. Honestly I love a lot of their teams, but the two that stand out for me are Bianca and Georgia, just because their teams are very diverse and I like most of the Pokemon on them. Bianca's Minccino and Georgia's Pawniard are both great Pokemon, but contrasting with Emboar and Beartic respectively leads to a very interesting training style. I also love Luke's team because he has very unique Pokemon like Zorua and Larvesta, which he uses very tactfully. My favourite example of this is when he makes his Volcarona 'fly' by using its flames as a propeller whilst battling against Cilan's Stunfisk. I didn't like Kenny's team at all though, I thought it was very anti-his personality with the power and size of the Pokemon he was using. Zoe also had an interesting team but I think it was more her training style that lead to their success rather than the team itself. Also I can't wait to see more of Stephan's team since based on what I've seen so far (Zebstrika & Sawk), he is going to train some very varied Pokemon leading to a very diverse team indeed. Paul was another honorable mention on this topic due to his style of constantly changing his team and adapting his style all the time, leading him to use some interesting Pokemon such as Drapion and Froslass, but its hard to rate his team due to its ever-changing nature. But I do adore his Ursaring and Electivire, those two Pokemon as so resilient and I think they really summarize Paul's personality well. I'd really like to see Paul train a Floatzel though, I think the tough nature of Floatzel and Paul's powerful training style would suit perfectly together. Another rival with an interesting team was Conway; it was a huge surprise to see his final team at the Unova league but I loved it. His technique of surprising his opponent with a Trick Room set up and then using Pokemon like Shuckle and Slowking was wonderful; I just wish his team had had more character development. There are more rivals like Trip and Barry whom also had great teams, but I don't want this post to get any longer than it already is xD

tl;dr I love the rivals with diverse teams consisting of unique Pokemon, main examples being Bianca and Georgia :3