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Pokémon: Light Platinum

A screenshot Let's Play.

Part 1: And So It Begins....


... Wut?

Seriously, what'chu talkin' 'bout?

... I... I don't...


Okay, something I can understand. "BOY".

I'mma be Bob. Wait...

Samurai! (Sammy for short.)

Yesh, it's Samurai! (Yeah, that's totally my real name.)


DAYUM. Gangin' up on a poor god like that.

Wait wait, I SPEAK MEXICAN?! (It's actually Portuguese.)

It was just a dream... I don't really speak Mexican. I'm coo' now.

C'mon, I just wanna get breakfast and forget the fact that my dream-self can speak Mexican!

... Wut?

Settin' the time, yeah boi!

Yeah, this is the correct time.

Wait, I really can speak Mexican? FUUUUUUU-- (Don't worry, I don't hate you, Mexicans. Or the Portuguese.)

Nom nom nom, I eat food at the counter 'cause I'm awesome like that.

Thank goodness for magic glowing arrows telling me how to leave my house. I may never find my way out without them!


Wut? You's the region champion! Why you come see me?

See? Told ya!

♪I'm walkin' on sunshine! Whoa~oh~oh~oh!♪ Weeeeee~!

CHAMPION OF WORLD, people! Move along, just CHAMPION OF WORLD here talkin' to me!

And now you're degrading her by clarifying her title compared to yours. Nice, ASH. You hurt her feelings.

I don't wanna read the rest! T_T

Great, now they don't even speak Mexican anymore. My droning on made them forget!

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