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Title of Story: The Dark Prince
Fandom: Pokemon
Plot summary:
Ash Ketchum is returning back from Unova after losing in the finals to his friend Stephan. Giovanni makes an agreement with Darkrai to use his power to spread chaos. Realizing that Giovanni is softer than he looks, Darkrai requests him to use the son he abandoned and teach him the way of Darkness.
I intend to write this as a series of four multi chapter fiction, The Dark Prince being the first of the series (quadrology?)

Genre: Adventure...I think I am not even sure :x
Rating (PG, R, etc): T according to ratings
Type of mentor needed: Someone who can find flaws in my story telling and point out the correct path.(They should not be fiddling with my story though,just point out the flaws)
Writing sample of story:
Legend of the Dark Prince: PC|FF.Net|

The Trip to Unova: A flying-saucer, a beast and a mad-scientist.
: PC
The Road to Nowhere: PC|FF.Net|SPPf|

If you want a storyline to your fan game whether it is a ROM Hack or using RPG Maker XP, feel free to contact me!