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Originally Posted by alienhunterx View Post
Dude just cancel its evolution and stop worrying about anything.. simple as that..
That's not really a very good long term solution though, is it...

  • Download a program called YAPE (Yet Another Pokémon Editor)
  • Load up the Light Platinum .gba file
  • Type Emboar into the name box
  • Click the Other Stats/Evolutions tab
  • Click on 'SCOLIPEDE when beauty is maxed'
  • Click Clear (you'll probably get an error message but just click continue and don't click on anything else, the movesets might get messed up)
  • Click File, then Save
It's a shame a lot of the Pokémon don't 'work' correctly and it's very frustrating if you want to use one of them. It would be great if WesleyFG could fix this but I don't expect anything to happen now.
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