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# * One screen Day-Care Checker item - by FL (Credits will be apreciated)
# This script is for Pokémon Essentials. It makes a One screen Day-Care Checker
# (like in DPP) activated by item. This display the pokémon sprite, names,
# levels, genders and if them generate an egg.
# To this script works, put it above main, put a 480x320 background in
# DCCBACKPATH location and, like any item, you need to add in the "items.txt"
# and in the script. There an example below using the name DAYCARESIGHT, but
# you can use any other name changing the DCCITEM and the item that be added in
# txt. You can change the internal number too:
# 631,DAYCARESIGHT,DayCare Sight,DayCare Sight,8,0,"A visor that can be use for see certains Pokémon in Day-Care to monitor their growth.",2,0,6

DCCITEM=:DAYCARESIGHT # Change this and the item.txt if you wish another name DCCBACKPATH= "Graphics/Pictures/dccbackground" # You can change if you wish # If you wish that the pokémon is positioned like in battle (have the distance # defined in metadata, even the BattlerAltitude) change the below line to true DCCBATTLEPOSITION = false

class DayCareCheckerScene

def startScene @sprites={},0,Graphics.width,Graphics.height) @viewport.z=99999 @pkmn1=$PokemonGlobal.daycare[0][0] @pkmn2=$PokemonGlobal.daycare[1][0] # If you wish that if there only one pokémon, it became right # positioned, them uncomment the four below lines #if [email protected] && @pkmn2 # @[email protected] # @pkmn2=nil #end textPositions=[]*8,12*8,12*8)*8,26*8,25*8) @sprites["background"],0,@viewport) @sprites["background"].setBitmap(DCCBACKPATH) pokemony=Graphics.height/2-32 pokemonyadjust=pokemony-32 if @pkmn1 @sprites["pokemon1"] @sprites["pokemon1"].setPokemonBitmap(@pkmn1) @sprites["pokemon1"].mirror=true pbPositionPokemonSprite(@sprites["pokemon1"],32,pokemony) @sprites["pokemon1"].y=pokemonyadjust + adjustBattleSpriteY( @sprites["pokemon1"],@pkmn1.species,1) if DCCBATTLEPOSITION textPositions.push([_INTL("{1} Lv{2}{3}",,@pkmn1.level.to_s, genderString(@pkmn1.gender)),32,44,false,baseColor,shadowColor]) end if @pkmn2 @sprites["pokemon2"] @sprites["pokemon2"].setPokemonBitmap(@pkmn2) pbPositionPokemonSprite(@sprites["pokemon2"],Graphics.width-168,pokemony) @sprites["pokemon2"].y=pokemonyadjust + adjustBattleSpriteY( @sprites["pokemon2"],@pkmn2.species,1) if DCCBATTLEPOSITION textPositions.push([_INTL("{1} Lv{2}{3}",,@pkmn2.level.to_s, genderString(@pkmn2.gender)),Graphics.width-16,44,true,baseColor, shadowColor]) end if Kernel.pbEggGenerated? @sprites["egg"],pokemony+32,@viewport) @sprites["egg"].setBitmap("Graphics/Battlers/egg") # To works with different egg sprite sizes @sprites["egg"].x-=(@sprites["egg"].bitmap.width/8-16)*3 # Uncomment the below line to only a egg shadow be show [email protected]["egg"],0,0,255) end @sprites["overlay"] @sprites["overlay"],Graphics.height) pbSetSystemFont(@sprites["overlay"].bitmap) if !textPositions.empty? pbDrawTextPositions(@sprites["overlay"].bitmap,textPositions) end pbFadeInAndShow(@sprites) { update } end

def genderString(gender) ret=" " if gender==0 ret=" ♂" elsif gender==1 ret=" ♀" end return ret end

def middleScene loop do Graphics.update Input.update self.update if Input.trigger?(Input::B) || Input.trigger?(Input::C) break end end end

def update pbUpdateSpriteHash(@sprites) end

def endScene pbFadeOutAndHide(@sprites) { update } pbDisposeSpriteHash(@sprites) @viewport.dispose end end

class DayCareChecker

def initialize(scene) @scene=scene end

def startScreen @scene.startScene @scene.middleScene @scene.endScene end end

# Item handlers

ItemHandlers.addUseFromBag(DCCITEM, proc {|item| pbFadeOutIn(99999){ screen.startScreen } next 1 # Continue })

ItemHandlers.addUseInField(DCCITEM, proc {|item| pbFadeOutIn(99999){ screen.startScreen } next 1 # Continue })

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