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Originally Posted by Manipulation View Post
Yeah it was April Fools and it was cruel, but I bear even worse news. I uploaded the final version of Sienna to megaupload to keep it there for archival purposes for when I wanted to release it (yes, I finished the hack ages ago) and now I obviously cannot access the file from megaupload any more. The problem with this is that I hard deleted everything Sienna related from my computer and now longer have any copies of the hack on my hard drive so the latest Sienna version I currently have access to is the latest public release. I gave the final release link to a few friends outside PC so I may be able to retrieve the file from them, if not I dread to think...

While you may not care you should know how much this is going to hurt your credibility. While yes, your fan's may stick around for the completed version you do know you have lost our trust. A week spent passionately following and waiting for something that was promised to us only to discover it was a lie. and whats more you even mentioned avoiding the confusion of it being an April fools joke. We're your fans we authentically follow your every word and cling on to your creations, why would you do that?