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I've always thought of Umbreon and Espeon as cats. I know they don't have whiskers, but they indeed do have pointy ears. They walk and growl like a cat, so I figured they'd be a bit related. For Jolteon and Flareon, they remind me of foxes for some reason, but I can't tell why they do. Flareon has the puffy tail, while Jolteon doesn't.

In response to Golem, I personally think Flareon is the least favorite as well. I never used it at all, and don't plan to use it. The main reason for that is I already had a Fire-Type in my party when playing RBY.

I want to get a Fire Stone, I have an Eevee in my PC box in White that I'd like to evolve it to Flareon. :)
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