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This is a discussion thread for everything related to the various debugging tools in Essentials. There are three main debugging "centres":

The Pause menu's Debug menu
This is definitely the largest single set of debugging tools in Essentials. In here you can change the values of switches and variables, add/remove items and Pokémon, set metadata and encounters, test battles, extract and compile text, connect maps, make animations, and do a variety of other things too.

The External Editor
This is the separate program that comes with Essentials. In it you can do many of the things that you can in the above Debug menu (except those directly affecting a game in progress). The tools unique to the External Editor are:
  • Sprite Repositioner (both individual sprites + batch)
  • Export All Animations, Import All Animations
  • Create/Edit Individual Trainers (i.e. not trainer types, the trainers themselves)
  • Create/Edit Items
The Party screen's/Storage screen's Pokémon-specific Debug menu
This is the same in both of the places you'll find it. Here you can change a Pokémon's species/level/nature/gender/ability/form, teach it moves, copy or delete the Pokémon, view the hidden values (EVs/IVs/happiness/ID/form), and generate cheat codes (which apparently you can use to spawn that Pokémon in Ruby/Sapphire games somehow).


That's all well and good, but I'm sure it's lacking in various respects, and some of the options could be better organised. My question to you is: how?

For instance, do you think it would be a good idea to put the External Editor's features into Essentials proper, then just get rid of the External Editor? Is a particular debugging tool restrictive, enough so that you think it needs improving? Are there tools you think are useless and should be gotten rid of, or tools you'd like to have? Is there another "centre" you think should have debug options (e.g. in battle), and if so, what options?

Any and all comments are welcome, even tiny ones. I want to know how using Essentials could be made easier for you.
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