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Originally Posted by AlexOzzyCake View Post
Welcome to the club, MagnumKnight13! I was on holiday and didn't see your post, sorry! xD

So what do people think of the new Poison type gym leader for B2W2? Her name is Homika and she plays a guitar; she looks amazing!

That's a picture of her above. Honestly I'm kinda freaked out based on information so far, she seems to be an exact replica of me. xD A guitar playing Poison type lover who's named after a hamster and dresses in black/purple - I love her already. <3 What do you guys think her team will be? Are you happy to see a Poison gym coming for B2W2? How far on in the story do you think she'll be?
She definitely looks like an interesting gym leader, and being poision I think she'll place a odd twist on the conventionary posion type tactics. I just hope she is a challenge. I agree with you Ozzy, that she might have a trubbish and a foongus, probably I think she'll have a trubish evolved into garbador, but that's just my opinion. I just think Gardbador is more of a 'tank' so to speak compared to Amoongus/Foongus. But either, way as long as she's interesting, I'm quite content.
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