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Yeah! Lapras is a better Loch-Ness any day!
About Regi, I don't think there is a rule. He isn't banned from Random Matchup, or even the VGC! So I guess there isn't. Nothing in this leagues rules say anything about the Regi's either....

Quote originally posted by PKMwtfawesomeSAUCE:
Changed your badge to 31.
Btw who won your match between you and the water gym?

For All:
Please write out like so and so won our match.
Makes it easier to keep track of wins.
Thanks :D
I DESTROYED HER. Her last Pokemon was certainly a pain. She only took out one of my Pokes. I would post the Battle Vid on youtube or something, but that would give away our Pokemon....

Also, hey Sadistic. Wanna battle?? That one with Rakiyo really got me hyped up!
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