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@ TheShinyEevee: Awwwww. You've provided a good example of what an Eevee looks like! Now it's considered cute! ^_^

Quote originally posted by Turn-it:

not to get off topic but you could use a flareon? I've tried before but with his moveset, gamefreak pretty much screws the little guy over.....

back on topic: I've never pictured umbreon as a cat....but the more I think about it....he may be able to go for a black cat
In terms of battling, yeah. :P I can agree with the moveset though. Flareon doesn't have that many good moves when leveling up. Fire Spin and Fire Fang aren't as good as Fire Blast and Incinerate. It's a good thing, however, that Flareon can learn these moves via TM.
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